We just funded 3 more local nonprofits for COVID-19 Emergency Response!

26 nonprofits have been granted $112,000!

We’ve funded 3 more agencies that are providing essential services and meeting emergency needs for members of our community during this time of crisis.

Those 3 nonprofits are The Redmond Senior Center of Oregon (serving Redmond, Terrebonne, Crooked River Ranch, Powell Butte, Alfalfa, Eagle Crest and unincorporated areas in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties) ($5,000), Rimrock Trails Treatment Services (serving Crook and Deschutes Counties) ($5,000), and Westside Sisters Church Food Bank (serving Deschutes County) ($5,000).

Thus far, we have funded 26 local and regional nonprofits with $112,000 from our local Central Oregon COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, deducting no administrative fees.

We will continue to award grants weekly to local and regional agencies. Nonprofits across our region (Warm Springs, and Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties) are invited to apply. The grant application process is streamlined to expedite funding and can be found HERE.  https://www.unitedwaycentraloregon.org/central-oregon-covid-19-response-fund/.

About United Way:
We are the most reliable agency with capacity to reach our most marginalized community members. As a community leader, we are reliably accomplished in quickly mobilizing funding and distributing it where it has the greatest impact on the greatest need. With a deep and longstanding familiarity of local agencies serving Central Oregon’s most vulnerable, we have emerged as a clearinghouse for donations and best-equipped to meet new community needs formed by COVID-19.

Make a Donation:
100% of donations to the local Central Oregon United Way COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund are distributed to community agencies to help those in our community who need it right now. GIVE NOW.