We just added $30,000 to our COVID-19 Response Fund!

Plus we announced a funding opportunity for regional nonprofits responding locally to  the pandemic.

Last week, we launched a new COVID-19 Response Fund to agencies delivering immediate emergency assistance to Central Oregonians hardest hit by the fallout of COVID-19.

Today, we announced that we have added $30,000 to this Central Oregon COVID-19 Response Fund.

In addition, we announced that we are now accepting applications for funding. Grant funding is available to nonprofits across our region (Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties and Warm Springs) that are providing emergency assistance and essential services to those who are most impacted by COVID-19.

With evolving priorities that are responsive to community needs, we’ve developed a simple grant application process to expedite funding to nonprofits providing vital services that are hurting due to the pandemic. The United Way Central Oregon COVID-19 Response Fund grant application for nonprofits can be found HERE.

From this COVID-19 Response Fund, we have already rapidly directed $50,000 to 11 Central Oregon agencies: Council on Aging of Central Oregon (Meals on Wheels) ($5,000) and Latino Community Association ($5,000) serving all 3 Central Oregon counties, as well as St. Vincent de Paul of Crook County ($5,000), L.I.N.C. Madras (Jefferson County) ($5,000), Warm Springs Community Action Team ($5,000), and serving Deschutes County: St. Vincent de Paul in La Pine Food Bank ($2,500), La Pine Senior Activity Center ($2,500), Jericho Road of Redmond ($5,000), Sisters Family Access Network (FAN) ($5,000), UPCAP in Three Rivers ($5,000), and the Giving Plate in Bend ($5,000).

And this is just the beginning. From this Response Fund, we will continue to award grants to qualifying nonprofits that are meeting the most critical needs of our community’s most vulnerable, deducting no administrative fees. In addition to the Central Oregon COVID-19 Response Fund, we are also creating a separate COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Fund that will address ongoing and impending community needs resulting from COVID-19.

According to Executive Director Ken Wilhelm, United Way is committed to serving the needs of Central Oregonians – now and in the future. “Resilience is the ability to successfully adapt to adversity. Many local helping agencies are being really challenged right now. We need to provide immediate support to help them adapt to meet those challenges. Later, we’ll need to help them sustain those adaptations.”

Playing a special role during this crisis, we are able to use its unique position as a longstanding and trustworthy organization to mobilize resources and address immediate needs across our region – helping those who need it most right now.

The Response Fund, seeded with a donation of $50,000 from PacificSource Health Plans, augmented by $30,000 from Oregon Community Foundation, and infused with another $30,000 from United Way in Central Oregon continues to grow thanks to the generosity of members of our community.

Make a Donation:

100% of donations to the Response Fund are being distributed to community agencies; we will not deduct any administrative fees from donations. The COVID-19 Response Fund delivers help to those in our community who need it right now – they may be your neighbors, your friends, or your family members – and they deserve our support. Give now.

Applying for a Response Fund Grant:

We are not only a fundraiser, we are also a funder. Money raised here, stays right here and serves this community. Established and nimble, we rapidly evolved our priorities to be immediately responsive to new community needs formed by COVID-19, creating 2 Funds to address the fallout of the pandemic across Central Oregon.

For more information or to learn more about the United Way Central Oregon COVID-19 Response Fund grant application for regional nonprofits visit: https://www.unitedwaycentraloregon.org/central-oregon-covid-19-response-fund/ or contact Kati Hannigan, Community Impact Associate at 541-389-6507 or kati@deschutesunitedway.org.