We’re all in this Together

Right when the crisis hit, we formed our local COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to deliver help to those in our community who need it right now.

This funding mobilized nonprofits across our region (Warm Springs and Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties) to help individuals and families.

Funds were distributed to local nonprofit organizations that were providing emergency assistance and essential services to those who were most immediately impacted by the fallout of COVID-19. From this Emergency Response Fund, we awarded grants to qualifying nonprofits that were meeting the most critical needs of our community’s most vulnerable, deducting no administrative fees.

$135,000 was distributed to 29 Central Oregon nonprofits.

And this was just the beginning, as we have transitioned to our local Central COVID-19 Oregon Recovery & Resilience Fund.

We awarded $160,000 from this Recovery & Resilience Fund to 26 local and regional nonprofits. Funds will support these agencies as they adapt in the age of COVID-19 to challenges in delivering services.

So far, we have awarded $295,000 to 44 local nonprofit programsas part of our COVID-19 Emergency Response, Recovery & Resilience efforts.

These are our COVID-19 Partners.